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Knowledge networks based on good governance

NEPAM is an illustrative case

In the knowledge society information flows in quantities and at speeds previously unimaginable and assumes fundamental social, economic and political values.

Dedicated to the management of public administration in Cape Verde, the network NEPAM (Network on Public Administration Management) is a privileged space for effective interface between politicians, public administration and private sector managers, civil society and diaspora, which stimulates discussions of ideas and supports the sharing and use of knowledge in strategic areas of public administration. It is, in essence, a network of Knowledge for Good Governance.

foto Part of one of the purposes of the Agenda for Economic Transformation Strategy of Cape Verde, the network NEPAM will be essential to bridge the gaps between political decisions, research and the Cape Verdean intellectuals.

Financed by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) and the Government, the network has three components of action:

  • A network of national members of the diaspora and of international cooperation, which implies the identification and continued mobilization of public administration experts and other professionals with a common agenda for the betterment of Cape Verdean Public Administration and the establishment of effective cooperation with external training and research centers;
  • A center for documentation and information online, which allows the publication and online access to studies and relevant documentation and dissemination of national and international best practices for Public Administration, and
  • Networking and knowledge sharing, supported by a website that covers all activities of the network, including online forums, seminars, workshops and conferences on Public Administration.  

In addition to promoting regular forums and debates, to diagnose the problems that the Public Administration suffer from, Edna Mascarenhas, Project Coordinator, notes that the NEPAM network aims to establish a framework of human resources with the capacity to serve as auditors for the strategies and formulation of the national public policy defined for this sector.

The Secretary of State for Public Administration, Romeo Modesto, highlighted at the time of the public presentation of the project in November 2007 that the NEPAM network is the backbone that was missing in this new generation of State and Public Administration Reform and will allow easier access to national and international knowledge.

Leadership Business Consulting has supported this project from day one, because it believes above all in the potential of network sharing and the dissemination of knowledge and, in particular, the added value that this network can bring to an island country like Cape Verde that has more than half of its population and intellectuals dispersed around the world.

NEPAM Project Website



NEPAM Network Members

Expected Outcomes:

  • Sharing experiences and knowledge in Public Administration
  • Easy access to information and documentation
  • Exchange between national and international players


Leadership Business Consulting’s support of the NEPAM Project focused on the definition of its strategic course of action as well as the definition of their image and the marketing strategy of the project. Leadership also supported the promotion and public launch of the Network.


foto“The challenges inherent to the development of knowledge networks pass through the effective mobilization of the various network ‘players’ and the creation of the necessary mechanisms for the sharing, generation and dissemination of the knowledge produced. A critical success factor is the use of new information and communication technologies to support the entire network, so that this can elapse in a "virtual" environment, reducing distances and increasing the sharing of knowledge.”

                                                          Dr. Edna Mascarenhas, Project Coordinator


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